Data Centers

Build your own Data Centre or outsource it????
Take a 3 dimensional approach to optimizing for the future.

In an age of rapid transformation elements such as virtualization, convergence, and consolidation add progressively complexity to your decision making. Keeping your datacenter up to your current and future demands of your business requires GKIT approach aligning strategy engineering and migration into an end to end solution.

Building own Data Centre

Our approach to choosing a data centre solution depends upon whether you are building a new data centre or upgrading an existing one?

The next step is to determine how to structure your data centre. There are numerous solutions and options, depending on your particular requirements one of these solutions will be most suitable offering the best fit for both your computing and building’s needs.

GKIT consultants and design engineers can assist you in determining the right design for your data centre based upon your business and IT requirements. By discussing the benefits and limitations of each design solution you, the owner operator can decide what best matches your requirements. These could be low CAPEX, increased resilience, high density computing or ultra energy efficiency. There are endless permutations of layout, UPS topography, power distribution (DG, UPS, online PDU’s etc) cooling system(PAC,HVAC,CRAC etc), fire system, Water leak detection system, security system(CCTV cameras, biometric access control systems, RFID systems etc) PA system, building management systems (BMS) and other elements that can be applied. Which is best for your design and build project will depend upon a number of factors including the requirements of the IT equipment, the physical characteristics of the building.

By working closely with your organization our design consultants and engineers will ensure your projects objectives are met.

From a minor upgrade of power or cooling infrastructure to complete new design and build projects, planning and implementing the right data centre solutions is a complex undertaking. Utilise GKIT’s expertise and make the process simple and successful.

Outsourcing Data Centre

GKIT provides a wide range of strategic Data Centre outsourcing solutions to help you optimize your IT infrastructure over various Data Centers such as Net Magic, CtrlS, Reliance Communications, TATA communications etc . This will better align your IT with your business and increase your data center performance across your entire organization.

The following services are in the offering:

  • Co-location Service
  • Cloud Services
  • Dedicated Hosting Services
  • Managed Firewall & Load balancing
  • Backup & Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Datacenter Migration

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